World Cancer Day 4 February 2020

Join us in Sydney on World Cancer Day as we celebrate cancer survivors over two special events. Scientists, clinicians and members of the community will come together for breakfast and to hear how we are taking action to create a world without cancer through collaborative research. Then a group of cancer survivors will climb the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. In the afternoon, we will profile researchers and health professionals who have dedicated their careers to improving the lives of those touched by cancer.

Event Schedule

  • Event One

    Bridgeclimb Breakfast

    Tuesday 4 February 2020
    7:30am Bridge Climb

  • Event Two


    Tuesday 4 February 2020
    Sydney Opera House

Featured speakers

  • Prof Afaf Girgis

    Prof Afaf Girgis

    Director, Psycho-oncology Research Group, Centre for Oncology Education and Research Translation (CONCERT), Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research, UNSW Sydney Conjoint Professor, Western Sydney University, University of Queensland and Griffith University

  • Prof Michael Barton

    Prof Michael Barton

    Lead, Cancer Clinical Academic Group, Maridulu Budyari Gumal - Sydney Partnership for Health Education Research & Enterprise (SPHERE) Scientia Professor and Cancer Research Theme Principal, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney Clinical Academic Specialist, Radiation Oncology, Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre

  • Dr Ben Smith

    Dr Ben Smith

    Translational Research Fellow, Centre for Oncology Education and Research Translation (CONCERT), Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research Conjoint, UNSW Sydney

  • Prof David Thomas

    Prof David Thomas

    Head, Cancer Division, Garvan Institute of Medical Research Director, The Kinghorn Cancer Centre CEO, Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Conjoint Professor, UNSW Sydney

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Thanks to research, cancer outcomes have improved enormously over the last 30 years. There are now many cancer survivors living with the long-term effects of their disease, needing therapy and support. We are transforming cancer detection, treatment and survivorship through research, using our strengths and expertise to make a difference. On World Cancer Day, we are celebrating cancer survivors and showing how our research is making the outlook brighter into the future.

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We are Maridulu Budyari Gumal, the Sydney Partnership for Health, Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE). Fourteen leading organisations on a mission to come together to solve this century’s biggest health challenges and move healthcare into the future.

Our Cancer Clinical Academic Group is uniting cancer research into a globally-leading partnership to deliver continuing evidence-based practice in diagnosis, intervention and support.

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It is not too late to register for our #WorldCancerDay webinar tomorrow at 11am. Our presenters and panel will discuss equity in cancer care. #CloseTheCareGap
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Join us this Friday, on #WorldCancerDay from 11am for a webinar with presentations from @cancer_K2A and @wsliauw and a consumer led panel discussion on equity in cancer care.
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Dr Wei Lee from @UTSEngage is another recipient of a TCRN Clinical PhD Scholarship Top-Up award.
#WorldCancerDay #WorkingTogether #CancerResearch
@meera_agar @CancerSPHERE @cancerNSW @UTS_Health

A/Professor Richard De Abreu Lourenco from @UTSEngage collaborates with TCRN members to incorporate health economics into their translational research projects.
#WorldCancerDay #WorkingTogether #CancerResearch
@cancerNSW @CancerSPHERE

A/Prof Nham Tran from @UTSEngage leads a research program focusing on #oralcancer, cancer therapeutics and the development of affordable, point of care devices.
#WorldCancerDay #WorkingTogether #CancerResearch
@cancerNSW @CancerSPHERE

A/Professor Natalie Taylor @Njt14 leads the Behavioural and Implementation Research and Evaluation (BIRdE) group @CCNSWResearch and previous recipient of a TCRN Cancer Challenge Grant
#WorkingTogether #CancerResearch #WorldCancerDay

Dr Monica Tang is a recipient of a TCRN Clinical PhD Scholarship Top-Up Award.
#WorldCancerDay #WorkingTogether #CancerResearch
@CancerSPHERE @cancerNSW @SalPearson @cbdrh1

The TCRN Deputy Director @mfharris3 leads our Continuum of Care flagship. #CancerSharedCare
#WorldCancerDay #WorkingTogether #CancerResearch
@ConcertTcrc @cancerNSW @CancerSPHERE @cphce_unsw

@JohnKokkinos5 is a Scientia Fellow @UNSWMedicine. Take a look at his most recent paper
@CancerSPHERE @cancerNSW

Gill @HerbalGill is a member of the TCRN #ConsumerAdvisoryPanel and collaborates with @djmarsh24 from @UTSEngage on her #ovariancancer research program
#WorldCancerDay #WorkingTogether
@CancerSPHERE @cancerNSW @SPHERE_KT Kate Disher-Quill

Ensuring people from all cultural and language groups are catered for in research and treatment interventions is key. #WorldCancerDay #WorkingTogether #CancerResearch
@ConcertTcrc @CancerSPHERE

"I am a cancer researcher and I will help to find better ways to predict patients’ response to treatment." Ann-Katrin Piper #WorldCancerDay #WorkingTogether #CancerResearch
@ConcertTcrc @CancerSPHERE

Professor @Afaf_Girgis , Director Psycho-Oncology Research Group, CONCERT continues her valuable real-world research. #WorldCancerDay #WorkingTogether #CancerResearch @ConcertTcrc @CancerSPHERE

Geoff Failes, President of Illawarra Cancer Carers works to provide essential resources and research support for cancer patients in the Illawarra. #WorldCancerDay

"I am a medical oncologist and PhD student at IHMRI working to improve cancer diagnostics and treatment." @GTincknell @ihmri #WorldCancerDay

“I am a cancer research leader and I will enhance access to clinical trials for patients” Dr Lorraine Chantrill, Head of the Medical Oncology Department, Wollongong Hospital. #WorldCancerDay

Register now for our #WorldCancerDay webinar this Thursday at 1pm. @ConcertTcrc @CancerSPHERE @cancerNSW

Twitter feed video.
SPHERE Cancer Clinical Academic Group@CancerSPHERE

Join our #WorldCancerDay 𝘄𝗲𝗯𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗿 featuring a panel discussion, SPHERE Cancer CAG review and announcement of the 2021 E/MCR seed grant awards. Chaired by Prof. Jeff Dunn AO and hosted by @CancerSPHERE, @TCRNetwork and @CONCERtTcrc


CONCERT member, Dr Kevin Spring works tirelessly to improve outcomes for cancer patients. Keep an eye out for a profile of Dr Spring on our website coming soon. #WorldCancerDay #Workingtogether #CancerResearch

Biobank Manager, Dr Joseph Po: "I am a cancer researcher and I will support world-leading cancer research projects that improve the lives of cancer patients." #WorldCancerDay

Dr Yafeng Ma's research focuses on understanding how liquid biopsy can benefit cancer patient’s targeted therapy, diagnosis and prognosis and monitor treatment resistance. #WorldCancerDay

We've taken the #WorldCancerDay ‘21 Days to Impact Challenge’

Follow our daily post to learn how our cancer researchers are making a difference.

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